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What is it?

The evaluation version of Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit is available for prospective customers who want to experiment with the software. It provides the same functionality as the full version of Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit but requires a license file to run.

How do I get a license file?

Ask your Datalogics sales representative. Begin by filling out a form to evaluate Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit. We will send you instructions on how to download your license. It will have a file extension of '.l4je' or '.l4j'.

If you have filled out an evaluation form and have not received your license, please contact us.

How long are evaluation licenses valid?

Licenses are limited to 30 days. The expiration date of the license is part of the name of the license file. For example, the file "02-12-2017.l4je" would be valid until February 12, 2017.

How do I use my license file?

Copy it to your working directory, the same folder from which you are running your application. For example, to use the license with Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit samples, simply copy the file to the "samples" folder:


Can I change where it looks for the license?

You can tell the PDF Java Toolkit to look for your license in a different location by adding a single line of code to your application:


This code should be run before you make any other method calls that use classes in Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit. It will instruct the license manager to search the given location for your license.

Can I specify where to search for a license with a property?

At this time, PDF Java Toolkit does not automatically support finding the license path with a Java property.

I'm moving to the non-managed version of PDF Java Toolkit, what do I need to change?

Congratulations! To migrate to the non-managed version of PDF Java Toolkit, you only need to replace one jar file reference on your Java classpath.

Simply replace pdfjt-lm-3.3.6.jar

with pdfjt-3.3.6.jar

That's it! No other changes are necessary.

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