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  • 3M - Content provider
  • ACL - Access control list
  • ACS - Adobe Content Server, Server solution to protect and distribute Adobe DRM protected PDF and EPUB content.
  • ACSM - Adobe Content Server Message File, used to download Adobe DRM protected content
  • API - Application programming interface, set of routines, protocols and tools for building software
  • APK - Android application package
  • AWS - Amazon Web Services
  • Bibliotheca - Content provider
  • Cirulation Manager -  The circulation manager is the main connection between a library's collection and Library Simplified's various client-side applications. It handles user authentication, combines licensed works with open access content from the OA  content server , pulls in updated book information from the Metadata Wrangler,  and serves up available books in appropriately organized OPDS feeds.  
  • Cloud Library - Content provider
  • DRM - Digital Rights Method, prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can copy purchased content
  • Enki - Content provider
  • ILS - integrated Library System - a system that keeps track of information such as patron credentials, loaned materials, and outstanding fees.
  • ISBN - The international Standard Book Number , unique numeric commercial book identifier.
  • IPA - iOS application archive file
  • NYPL - New York Public Library
  • OneClick - (OneClickdigital/RBdigital) Content provider
  • OPDS - Open Publication Distribution System , syndication format for aggregation, distribution, discovery and acquisition of electronic publications.
  • Overdrive -  Content provider using Adobe DRM
  • PIN - Personal identification number
  • TestFlight - Online system developed by Apple for over-the-air installation and testing of mobile applications
  • URL - Uniform Resource Locator,  often termed a web address
  • Vendor ID - Unique ID for authorizing devices to support Adobe DRM
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